Help Needed for Publix Bakery Pickups Monday and Tuesday

The amazing bakery employees at Publix in Margate prepare a grocery basket or two of their day-old items each and every day for us to pick up and use for the dessert in our lunch service. This is how we’re able to serve such yummies like Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Cheesecake!

Sadly, the only way for us to get this is to rely on volunteers to pick it up early morning and deliver it to the soup kitchen.

The details are pick up by 8am at the latest from the Margate, FL Publix Super Market at Palm Lakes Plaza. The store is located at the corner of Rock Island and Atlantic. We have other volunteers for the rest of the week but right now we are needing Monday and/or Tuesday pickups. No special vehicle is needed since the quantities aren’t that large but we do recommend bringing boxes or baskets to protect your vehicle’s interior in case of an unwanted spill.

If you know of anyone who would be able to help, have them please call us at 954-968-7550 asap or use the contact form or via our facebook page.

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