Help Needed for Publix Bakery Pickups Monday and Tuesday

The amazing bakery employees at Publix in Margate prepare a grocery basket or two of their day-old items each and every day for us to pick up and use for the dessert in our lunch service. This is how we’re able to serve such yummies like Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Cheesecake!

Sadly, the only way for us to get this is to rely on volunteers to pick it up early morning and deliver it to the soup kitchen.

The details are pick up by 8am at the latest from the Margate, FL Publix Super Market at Palm Lakes Plaza. The store is located at the corner of Rock Island and Atlantic. We have other volunteers for the rest of the week but right now we are needing Monday and/or Tuesday pickups. No special vehicle is needed since the quantities aren’t that large but we do recommend bringing boxes or baskets to protect your vehicle’s interior in case of an unwanted spill.

If you know of anyone who would be able to help, have them please call us at 954-968-7550 asap or use the contact form or via our facebook page.

Pompano Elks Deliver Food to Our Father’s Kitchen

Pompano Beach Elk's Club Photo

Repost from the July 24, 2015 edition of the Pompano Beach Pelican Paper…

Pompano Beach – Elks volunteers meet with Katie Crissy, director of Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen, 2380 Martin Luther King Boulevard. Founded in 1989 by the late Jimmy Rotonno, this facility has been a lifeline for the poor and homeless. Last month this organization served over 3,064 meals. In addition, volunteers offer backpacks, bottled water, clothes and shoes to all who ask for help. Pictured with Crissy are Frank Seller, Elks volunteer and Cathy Coney, Exalted Leader for Elks Lodge 1898, Pompano Beach. The Elks Lodge donated boxes filled with food supplies for the food mission. Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen, Inc. is a charitable tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to feeding the homeless and needy without discrimination. For more information, call 954-968-7550.

God Is Watching Over Us

20141219_112022We are constantly amazed and gratified by the great and generous people of all faiths and beliefs who believe in the necessity to help those in need.  Now that the Christmas season is in full swing, we have seen some impressive food and toy drives and thankfully we have been able to match these gifts with many local families.

20141219_112304This array of new and unwrapped toys was dropped off recently. The thoughtfulness is astounding and the joy in watching the families with young children pick out a gift is worth all the effort.

Closed Thanksgiving Day

Happy ThanksgivingWe will be closed this Thanksgiving, November 27, 2014.  We hope that all of those seeking food and togetherness find it with others in the community.  God Bless to all.

Friday is open as usual.

Another New Record

162 Lunches in one day is a new recordWe expect a larger number of guests toward the end of the month but last Tuesday was exceptional.  With God’s unending help we were able to serve 162 lunches on that day. The challenge is not only planning, preparing and cooking for such a large number but also the challenge of serving and coordinating the table service all within an hour and a half.

While it may seem we are complaining about all the extra work, it is just the opposite! Our mission is to insure that no one who can make it to our doors goes hungry.  We are there to serve and while we would love for our services to be unnecessary, we know that is not the case and that still many more need a consistent source of food.

Congratulations to our cook Kenny along with our regular kitchen helpers Tony and Nicole as well as all our hard-working and dedicated volunteers.  They are priceless!

Meet Katie and Jim

Jim and Katie accepting a donation from Pine Crest School

Jim and Katie accepting a donation from Pine Crest School

These two wonderful people can be found almost every day manning the door or behind the scenes at the soup kitchen.  Katie is working with Phyllis Rotonno to make the transition to director as seamless as possible.  We find that our “guests” find the routine very comforting and therefore supports our Mission Statement to create a peaceful and safe environment.

Katie and her husband Jim, while officially “retired” have always felt the need to help those less fortunate.  Jim is usually found behind the scenes and is helping with our community outreach and fund raising.

Please keep us in your prayers daily.

We are Closed Thanksgiving Day

Please be advised that we will not be open on Thanksgiving Day.  We will resume

Closed on Thanksgiving Day

Let us give thanks for what we have.

operations on Friday, November 29th.  May you and all your friends and families have a blessed Holiday and we pray constantly that those in need will find a safe and pleasant way to commune with others to give thanks to our wonderful God.

Special Lunch Service Thank You


We were recently blessed by a wonderful group who provided a special lunch with food from Pollo Tropical. Not only did they bring all the chicken and sides, they stayed to help serve and clean up.

Our guests were pleasantly surprised by this treat. The young gentleman who organized it, wanted to do something special to help others on his own birthday. Thank you Richie and your amazing group.

The Demand is Great

While food donations for our daily hot lunch and bagged lunch programs remain stable, we are always in short supply of non-perishable items to be given out to our families with homes that are still in very short supply of food. We are blessed to have such organizations such as St. Coleman’s Catholic Church in Pompano, which performs a monthly food drive at their masses and donates much of this to our organization. Unfortunately, we still run short every month and are often unable to help all of the hungry that come to us for assistance.  It is heartbreaking and frustrating.

Of course our biggest need remains cash donations. The day-to-day operation, while streamlined so that every penny is used efficiently, is still a huge undertaking. To feed and clothe hundreds of people each week takes a toll on our resources which need to be maintained and repaired. Even our van used for pickups is showing its age and is overdue for a replacement.

Recently the numbers of people we serve have been growing due to cutbacks at some of the other feeding programs in Broward County and we are struggling to keep us with this demand. Please consider a cash donation or providing something from our Wish List page. Your life will be truly blessed by your generosity.

Volunteers Needed

While we are blessed with regular weekly volunteers, it seems we are in need of help in a couple of areas.

The Publix on Rock Island and Atlantic in Margate generously donates their leftover bakery goods which we pick up Monday through Friday.  These items are vital to our daily lunch menu which includes quality desserts and breads as well as items for those seeking food from our limited food pantry.  We use volunteers to perform this service and need someone on Friday mornings only.  The items must be picked up from the bakery before 8am and delivered directly to our building.

The other opportunities are to help with the same pickup at Publix but only on a Monday or Thursday during the months of June, July, or August.  This is ideal for college-aged students or teachers looking to fill their summer months with helping a ministry in need.

Please contact us as soon as possible.