Closed Friday, July 3rd

We wish all our guests, volunteers and supporters a happy and safe Independence Day weekend. The Kitchen will be closed, Friday, July 3rd and will resume with normal schedules Monday, July 6th.

Thank you and God Bless!

Feed the Hungry…

This is one of God’s “directives” to all people.  We must never let others go hungry when we have the  means to provide for those less fortunate. Thanks to so many good people, Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen set another new daily record by feeding 177 hot meals yesterday. Did you know the same day last year was 109 meals? This represents an increase of 63% in one year.

It is easy to think that since much of our food is donated, that the staggering numbers that we are now seeing is not a big strain on our resources. This is dangerous thinking. Larger numbers translates directly to purchasing more paper products, depletion of food stores, as well as higher utility bills and just more general wear and tear on our facilities. This doesn’t even account for the extra physical and mental toll on our staff and volunteers which comes from heavier workloads and more responsibility.

Continued support and prayers are especially important now – more than ever.

– Thank You and God Bless

Another New Record

162 Lunches in one day is a new recordWe expect a larger number of guests toward the end of the month but last Tuesday was exceptional.  With God’s unending help we were able to serve 162 lunches on that day. The challenge is not only planning, preparing and cooking for such a large number but also the challenge of serving and coordinating the table service all within an hour and a half.

While it may seem we are complaining about all the extra work, it is just the opposite! Our mission is to insure that no one who can make it to our doors goes hungry.  We are there to serve and while we would love for our services to be unnecessary, we know that is not the case and that still many more need a consistent source of food.

Congratulations to our cook Kenny along with our regular kitchen helpers Tony and Nicole as well as all our hard-working and dedicated volunteers.  They are priceless!

Yummy Hot Fresh Food

Complete with fresh Rosemary for a topping and garnish.

Complete with fresh Rosemary for a topping and garnish.

We’re continually amazed at the culinary delights our cook/chef is able to come up with in spite of never knowing what will be available week to week.  Check out these scrumptious-looking turkeys!