Another New Record

162 Lunches in one day is a new recordWe expect a larger number of guests toward the end of the month but last Tuesday was exceptional.  With God’s unending help we were able to serve 162 lunches on that day. The challenge is not only planning, preparing and cooking for such a large number but also the challenge of serving and coordinating the table service all within an hour and a half.

While it may seem we are complaining about all the extra work, it is just the opposite! Our mission is to insure that no one who can make it to our doors goes hungry.  We are there to serve and while we would love for our services to be unnecessary, we know that is not the case and that still many more need a consistent source of food.

Congratulations to our cook Kenny along with our regular kitchen helpers Tony and Nicole as well as all our hard-working and dedicated volunteers.  They are priceless!

Closed for Labor Day

In order to give our staff and volunteers a much-needed day off, we will not be open on Monday September 1st.  And, it couldn’t come at a better time since we crushed our single-day record this week with 159 meals on TuesdayMan_Hammock_Colored.  Our previous high was around 130!  What a day but we are always reminded of the story of Jesus feeding the masses with the measly few loaves and fishes.  With God’s help, and the help of his good stewards who help support this ministry with their time, talents and treasures, we have been able to serve all who come.  Thank you all!!

Discover Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen

Click to view and/or download

Click to view and/or download

We are very excited about a recently organized dinner dance to be held this month in order to raise money and create awareness of our life-changing organization.

Where: Hillsboro Club
901 Hillsboro Mile
Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062

  • Band & Dancing
  • Dinner & Drinks
  • Video Presentation about Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen
  • Kids’ Party featuring: D.J, Dancing & Buffet
  • 50/50 Raffle
  • All proceeds benefit the Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen

Tickets are $100.00 per Adult and $25 for kids 18 & under.  For info and pricing contact Sergio Dorosario at 954-821-5927 or George Barlow at 954-529-5772.


Meet Katie and Jim

Jim and Katie accepting a donation from Pine Crest School

Jim and Katie accepting a donation from Pine Crest School

These two wonderful people can be found almost every day manning the door or behind the scenes at the soup kitchen.  Katie is working with Phyllis Rotonno to make the transition to director as seamless as possible.  We find that our “guests” find the routine very comforting and therefore supports our Mission Statement to create a peaceful and safe environment.

Katie and her husband Jim, while officially “retired” have always felt the need to help those less fortunate.  Jim is usually found behind the scenes and is helping with our community outreach and fund raising.

Please keep us in your prayers daily.

New Items on Our Wish List

AgingVanUnfortunately, we are rapidly approaching the day when we will have to retire our aging van.  She’s costing too much in repairs.  We are praying for a donated cargo van.

This van is used almost every day for food pickups at local restaurants, food drives, grocery stores, etc. so our ability to feed those in need is heavily dependent on this vital piece of equipment.  Our mechanic assures us, she doesn’t have many days left in her.